Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Golf and family fun!

We were able to play golf two days in a row with Paul's parents. It was pretty cold, I even wore my stocking cap. We had a good time hanging out with his family, and the golf was ok too. I played better the second day, but still not good enough to keep score for all 18 holes. We also had a little photo op our by the old willow tree! =)

Apple Pie

Happy Thanksgiving!!! We had a great turkey day with Paul's side of the family. We contributed quite a bit of the spread, but the most exciting was the pie. We made our first apple pie and it was a huge hit!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Tonight Paul and I spent the evening at his parents learning the fine art of lefse making. Lefse is a traditional Norwegian food that is a favorite at holidays. It is quite a process, and we are honored to have learned. Now we can carry on the tradition and be real Norwegians. Here are a few pics!

Clovis Changers

Three Wishes for Clovis was part of the 40 Days of Community series our church did. The church asked the city for a list of wishes for the city and then chose three of the wishes to grant. Many of the small groups participated in reaching out to the community in various ways. Our group choose to be a part of Clovis Changers, an outreach to help fix up peoples houses in the community. We spent a Saturday helping a single woman fix up her yard, trim trees, rebuild her fence, paint the house, and a few other minor repairs. There were over 50 people there throughout the day and it was amazing to see all the work come together. The woman was so greatful and very touched that we would do this out of the kindness of our heart. Here are some pics of the day. Wow, was an awesome thing to be a part of!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Fall in Fresno

I didn't realize how much I had been missing the changing seasons until it the leaves started changing colors here in Fresno. I am loving having a real fall. The leaves have been so so beautiful. A couple of weekends ago the Percival girls came to visit and we had fun taking pictures of them in the park. They are very photogetic and make the leaves look even better.

A New Do...!!

When we moved from LA I had just finally found a hair dresser that I liked, so I was very distressed about having to find a new one. I got a good referral from Paul's boss and here are the results. Paul has been saying for a while that I should go brunette, so when three other people suggested the same thing I thought maybe I should listen. I have to say that I like it too. What do you think?

Cute Kids on Halloween

Paul teases me all the time cause I have more pictures of other peoples kids that us, but hey I can't help it they are just so cute. Here are some of them and their adorable costumes!! Aren't they cute???